Edited at 16.02.2020 – Comparison and contrast essay: A Guide to All Students

How to Structure Your Academic Papers

A thesis is a single sentence that generally summarizes the main idea within a specific subject. The research paper is supposed to explore and explain the hypothesis behind the choice of a particular viewpoint. The superiority of the argument should be derived from the nature of the task at hand.

Before embarking on writing, several factors must be considered first. The literature review is the initial phase while the analysis stage determines the importance of the topic. Explaining what other researchers have done, to back up their claims, will help ensure that yours is high-quality and contains all the relevant information.

The basic format of an exposition is as follows:

  1. Introduction
  2. Literature Review
  3. Methodology
  4. Results
  5. Discussion
  6. Conclusion

Writing the Introduction

Like any other document, anexpressive matters a tad bit on the size of a screenplay. For unknown reasons, our pre-planning cycle involves simply building a strong foundation with arguments. We choose to begin the article with a thought-provoking inquiry:

Comparison and contrast essay

This segment attempt to demonstrate why different things are indeed so. Observers benefit from looking into familiar http://travelsoul.in/author/gamalsalama/page/173/ concepts rather than constructing hard facts to defend themselves. Therefore, the comparison part aims to highlight differences and establish a necessary connection between the contrasting viewpoints.

Why is the difference?

Some educators may use a distinction clause to illustrate the magnitude of the disparity existing. It is used to argue that some of the chosen statements lack valid proof, whereas others are ineffective because they fail to address the dreaded problems that occur. On the contrary, an appealing examiner ought to convince readers of the advantages of employing a suitable technique and researching pertinent materials for the study.

What mileage do we bring?

Having taken the time to dissect the problem, students are needed to delineate the differences and develop recommendations. These terms, basically, identify disparities that exist and propose procedures that can be adopted to cope with them.  


While legitimate concerns be expressed, it is my personal opinion that most understudies resort to composing hypotheticals. This is not to discredit anyone; however, it is career wise to caution that such an assertion be contradicted by scholarly sources. State the evidence and strength of the opposing arguments to invalidify it:

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